The Figure 8 stock cars began at Dorsey Speedway in 1965 until the track closed in 1985. The first winner of a Figure 8 race was Rocky Anaheim. The next two feature winners ere Jack Branch and Jim Owens Jr.

In 1966, Walt Clemens was champion and had three feature wins.John Myers had the most feature wins with four while Jack Branch and Bill Briffin had two a piece. In 1967, feature wins were by Bud, Gene, and Don Walker, Walt Clemens, John Myers and Bill Bollinger. In 1968, Bud Walker won the championship with four feature wins. Other feature winners were Don Walker with five and Sonny Eaton, Bill Bolinger and Mike Minton winning one each. In 1968, Bud Walker repeated as champion with three feature wins. Ken Storm had four wins and Sonny Eaton three. 1969 saw Bud Walker repeat as Champion with 3 feature wins. Ken Storm had 4 feature wins and Sonny Eaton had three. Champion in 1970 was Charlie Weaver.

There were many feature winners this year. Ton Perdue, Pat Skirley, Paul Brenner, Bud Walker, Scott Robbins and Sonny Eaton. 1971 saw Bud Walker as Champion with feature wins by Andy Anderson, Tom Waaner, Sonny Eaton and Jack Branch. Tom Wagner won seven features on his way to the championship in 1972. Walt Clemens, Jerry Thomas and Charlie Weaver won feaures also. Jack Barrass won the Cham,pionship in 1973. Jack repeated in 1974. 1975 saw Bud Walker return to champuonship caliber. Walker had 4 feature wins. George Kopchak, Tom Wagner, Bill Brown, John McBurnette and Walt Collum were other feature winners.  Bill Brown became Champion in 1976. He had 2 feature wins.

George Kopchak had 8 feature wins while other feature winners were Ed Sutton, Walt Cullum, and Tom Crummit. Willie Stafford became Champion in 1977. George Kopchak led feature winners for the second year in a row with 7 as Sonny Eaton, and John McBurnette had 3 each while Tom Crummit had 2. Stafford repeated as champion with 6 feature wins. Eddie Sutton had five and George Kopchal had three. Willie Stafford was Champion in 1979, 1980 and 1981. Jim Stauffer won the crown in 1982. Jimmy Stauffer made in 2 in a row in 1983. Feature winners included Bill Brown (4), Frank Fultz (3), Bill Brown (3), Willie Stafford (3), Jim Gardner (2) and Randy Holen one. In 1984 Willie Stafford once again returned to Championship form as he started the season with seven straight wins finishing the season with nine. Bob Brown, Randy Holden and Joe Shoemaker also took feature wins. The final year for Dorsey saw Joe Shoemaker Jr. as the hottest Figure Eight pilot. Walt Cullum, Willie Stafford, Randy Holden, Milford Purdham and Vic Doster won features.

More to come. This data is from the Dorsey Speedway History Book printed in late 1985. I hope to have the names of every driver that paticipated in Figure 8 racing posted at some point. There will be photos of Figure 8 cars also.

The Figure 8's at Dorsey