Beltsville Speedway (Baltimore-Washington Speedway), Beltsville, Md. - 1/2 mile paved oval  1965 to 1978 Ran NASCAR Modifieds in 1965-1967, switched to NASCAR Late Model Sportsman in 1968 and ran them until closing in 1978. Held 10 Grand National (Winston and then Nextel ) races. 

Condon Speedway, Syksville, Md. - 1/3 mile dirt speedway. ran modifieds, 1954-1960

Cumberland Speedway (The Rock, Allegheny County Speeway), Cumberland, Md - 1/2 mile dirt, 1966-1983 and then 1991 to present

Dorsey Speedway, Dorsey, Md - 1/4 mile dirt 1951 to1985 Ran one race in 1950. Modifieds, super Late Models, Hobby, Figure 8's

Deep Creek Lake Speedway, McHenry, Md. - 3/8 mile dirt oval 1952 to 1955

Hagerstown Speedway, Hagerstown, Md - 1/2 mile dirt 1948 to present Modifieds, Super Late Models, Limited Late Models

Lanham Speedway, Lanham, Md - 1/5 mile paved 1945-1954 Modifieds and Sportsman

Marlboro Raceway, Upper Marlboro, Md - 1/3 dirt 1952-1953 paved 1954 1969 Modifieds and Late Models

Pomonkey Speedway (Airport Speedway), Pomonkey, Md - 1/2 mile dirt 1950 to 1953 Modifieds

Potomac Speedway, Budds Creek, Md - 3/8 mile dirt 1974 to present Super Late Models, street stocks

Ritchie Raceway, Glen Burnie, Md - 1/2 mile dirt 1953-1954 Modifieds Ran a modified race in 1948

St. Mary Speedway, Lexington Park, Md. - 4/10 mile dirt oval 1952 to 1958

Taneytown Speedway, Taneytown, Md 1/2 mile dirt mid-50's modifieds

Westport Stadium, Baltimore, Md - 1/5 mile dirt 1951 t0 1963 NASCASR Sportsman and Modifieds, Hobby Stocks

There were other tracks located around the state but details are quite sketchy at this time. They will be added as more information comes to light.


Here's a brief look at some of our speedways and their histories...

Alcyon Speedway-Pittman, N.J. - Closed

Southside Speedway - Richmond, Va. - Still Active

Old Dominion Speedway - Manassas, Va. - Still Active

Fredericksburg Speedway - Fredericksburg, Va. - Closed

Atlantic Rural Fairgrounds (Strawberry Hill, Richmond Speedway) - Richmond, Va.  - No longer holds weekly shows but is major NASCAR Nextel Cup track now.

Lincoln Speedway - Abbottstown, Pa. - Still Active

Williams Grove Speedway - Williams Grove, Pa. - Still Active

Mason Dixon Speedway - Sylmar, Pa. - Closed

Delmar Speedway - Delmar, De. - Closed - The current Del. International is not the same track.

Georgetown Speedway - Georgetown, De. - Still Active

Wilmington Speedway - Wilmington, De. - Closed

Harrington Speedway - Harrington, De. - Has a few races every summer

Maryland drivers have won championships at all of the above speedways.