The following drivers attended the 2007 Reunion:

Ron Garland-Dorsey - Beltsville - 1960's

Carter Ayres-Westport - Marlboro, Dorsey, Beltsville, Hagerstown - 1960's

Ace Canupp-Westport - Dorsey, Ritchie, Marlboro - 50's and 60's

Pee Wee Pobletts - Westport, Dorsey, Condon, Hagerstown, Ritchie - 50's and 60's

Danny Woolford - Westport, Pomonkey - 50's and 60's

Chuck Talbert-Westport - Dorsey - 50's and 60's

Junior Tauber - Westport - 50's

Rick Schmelyun - Westport, Dorsey, Hagerstown - 60's and 70's

Pete Kantorsky - Dorsey - 50's, '60's and '70's

Bucky Guilfoy - Dorsey, Westport, Hagerstown - 50's and 60's

Reds Kagle - Lanham, Westport, Dorsey, Marlboro, Beltsville - 50's, 60's and 70's

John Mayola - Westport, Dorsey - 60's

Jim Dickery - Dorsey, Potomac

Ed Drury - Dorsey, Potomac - 70's and 80's

Bill Swecker - Dorsey - 80's

Ed Sutton - Dorsey- 80's

Mike Tauber - Dorsey, Potomac, Hagerstown - 70's and 80's

Fred Krikbaum - Dorsey - 80's

Diz Dean - Dorsey, Westport - 50's

Harry Erbe - Westport - 50's

John Dodd Sr. - Westport, Ritchie - 50's

John Dodd Jr. - Westport, Ritchie - 50's

Ron Cumings - Dorsey - 80's

Butch Kable - Potomac, Hagerstown - 70's and 80's

Gil Clements - Dorsey, Westport, Potomac, Hagerstown - 60's and 70's

Denny Miles - Dorsey, Westport - 60's

John Broussard - Dorsey - 80's

Mac Hanbury - Marlboro, Beltsville, Westport, Dorsey - 50's and 60's

Marty Hanbury - Beltsville - 60's and 70's

Charlie Wierman - Dorsey, Beltsville

George Londen - Dorsey - 80's

Jim Gardner - Dorsey - 80's

Joe Michals - Dorsey, Westport, Beltsville - 60's, 70's and 80s

Joey Michals - Lincoln - 2000's

If you attended and are not on the list, please notify me.

As you can see many of the best drivers who raced in Maryland were in attendance. Many are former champions.

All deserve our gratitude for providing us with many evenings of great racing.

The reunion was a tremendous success. Over 210 people attended. The photos are of the drivers who attended and gathered for a group photo.

2007 Reunion