0001 Al Torney   Annapolis, Md.  Fan attended races at Westport Stadium, Ritchie Raceway,
Dorsey Speedway, Hagerstown Raceway, Beltsville Speedway 

0002  Harold Sears  Conover, N.C.  Car owner at Westport Stadium and Dorsey Speedway  

0003  Tom Lillis        Upper Marlboro, Md. Built and managed Beltsville Speedway 

0004   Larry Jendras, Jr. Sykesville, Md.  Fan and Md. Racing Historian Attended races at Westport Stadium, Hagerstown, Md., Dorsey Speedway, Beltsville, Md. 

0005   Pete Cobb       Newnan, Ga.      Fan   Westport, Dorsey Ritchie, Marlboro

0006   Ron Rowles     Westminster, Md. Driver-owner Dorsey, Beltsville

0007   Mary Armstrong Westminster, Md   Fan 

0008   Donnie Lewis   Biglerville, Pa    Fan Dorsey, Beltsville, Hagerstwon 

0009   Barbara           Silver Spring, Md  Fan 

0010   Gary Becker     Hanover, Pa. Vintage car owner #00 Moe Harden Coupe

0011    Tim Augistine  Baltimore, Md  Fan

0012     Valerie Myers  Boonsboro, Md Fan Dorsey, Hagerstown big Pete Kantorsy fan

0013    Terry Baumgartner Bonsboro, Md  Fan Dorsey, Hagerstown  

0014     John Broussard    Pasadena, Md  Driver-car owner Dorsey 

0015     Ernie Tester        Odenton, Md    Driver  Westport Stadium Sportsman Champion

0016     Wes Troup      Riverdale, Md    Driver  Beltsville

0017     Iris "Kay" Troup  Riverdale, Md  Wes' wife and no.1 fan

0018     Duane Lowrey   Lincoln, De  Driver-car wner Dorsey

0019      Sharon Lowrey  Lincoln, De  Duane's wife and no. 1 fan

0020      Bernie West    Greenwood, De  Driver-owner  Beltsvile

0021      Wanda West   Greenwood, De  Berie's wife and no. 1 fan

0022      Jim Kemp     Baltimore, Md   Fan Dorsey, Beltsville, Potomac, Hagerstown

0023     Pete Kantorsky    Middle River, Md  Dorsey, Hagerstown, Ritchie

0024     Betty Kantorsky   Middle River, Md  Pete's wife and number 1 fan

0025     Jimmy Skinner     Jessup, Md  Driver late model #45 Dorsey, Potomac and Hagerstown

0026      Sharon Skinner   Jessup, Md.  Jimmy's wife and no. 1 fan

0027      Doug Duck          Jessup, Md. Crew member #45 late model Dorsey, Potomac, Hagerstown

0028       Tom Collier      LaPlata, Md    Driver Beltsville

0029       Elmer Couch    Elkridge, Md  Dorsey, Potomac

0030       Bucky Guilfoy     Baltimore, Md  Driver-owner Westport, Dorsey, Marlboro, Hagerstown

0031       Rosalie Guilfoy   Baltimore, Md. Bucky's wife and no. 1 fan

0032       Ed Chaney     Pasadena, Md  Driver-owner Dorsey, Potomac

0033       L. Reed         Pasadena, Md  Crew Chief

0034       Bill Swecker  Sykesville, Md.  Driver-owner Dorsey, Potomac

0035       E. Swecker    Sykesville, Md  Crew Chief

0036       Bob West      Pasadena, Md   driver-owner  Dorsey, Potomac

0037       D. West        Pasadena, Md   Crew Chief

0038       Rusty Bristow  Hanover, Md   driver owner Dorsey, Potomac

0039       Fred Vollmerhausen Brooklyn Park, Md  Driver-owner Dorsey

0040       Bill Stinchcomb   Pasadena, Md   Driver-owner Dorsey

0041       K. Vann              Pasadena, Md   Crew Chief 

0042       Jimmy Smithson  Sykesville, Md  driver-owner Potomac

0043       Gene conley     Hanover, Md   driver-owner  Potomac

0044       Glen Pobletts   Randlestown, Md  Fan 

0045       Denise Pobletts  Randlestown, Md  Fan

0046       Pee Wee Pobletts Randlestown, Md  Driver-owner Dorsey, Ritchie, Westport, Hagerstown, Marlboro, Condon, Tanytown

0047       Fern Pobletts Randlestown, Md  Pee Wee's wife and number 1 fan

0048       Rick Mandelson  Ellicott City, Md.  driver  Dorsey

0049       Chuck Talbert  Owings Mills, Md  driver-owner Westport, Dorsey

0050      Ace Canupp  Millersville, Md  driver Westport, Dorsey, Marlboro

0051       Janie Canupp Millersville, Md  Wife and Ace's No. 1 fan 

0052       Tom Miller   Glenn Dale, Md   Fan

0053        Ron Cummings  Severn, Md. Driver-owner Dorsey 

0054        Charlie Weaver  Tunnelton, W.Va. Driver-Dorsey, Beltsville, Hagerstown. Cumberland

0055        Spike Miller  Linthicum Heights, Md Driver Westport, Dorsey

0056        Scott Rickrode Hanover, Pa  Vintage Race car restoration

0057        Mark Rickrode  Hanover, Pa  Vintage rae car restoration

0058        Bob Wilcher  Pasadena, Md   Driver- Beltsville

0059        Ken Miller  Damascus, Md     Pit Crew for Reds Kagle

0060        Patti Miller  Damascus, Md    Fan

0061        Ken Miller, Jr  Damascus, Md  Fan

0062        Susan Miller   Damascus, Md   Fan

0063        Butch Kable   Westminster, Md.  Driver - Potomac, Dorsey

0064        Sharon Kable Westminster, Md  Butch's no. 1 fan

0065        Mike Canino  Edgewater, Md   Driver Old Dominion

0066        Janice Johnson Edgewater, Md  Mike's no. 1 fan

0067        Phil White     Baltimore, Md   Pit crew Westport, Dorsey

0068        Joyce Jacobs  Chesapeake Beach, Md. Daughter of 50's driver Reds Fowler

0069        Bobby Sherbs White Hall, Md.  Driver Dorsey

0070        Rob Sherbs  White Hall, Md  Fan

0071        Margaret Lindsey  Westminster, Md.  Wife of Dorsey Champion Ed Lindsey

0072        Sharon Rainey  Westminster, Md  Daughter of Dorsey Champion Ed Lindsey

0073        Pat Rainey  Westminster, Md   Sharon's Husband

0074        Clarence McNeal  Baltimore, Md

0075        Ron Ward   Ellicott City, Md 

0076        Corey Holsey  Ellicott City, Md.

0077        Conrad Ramsey Brooklyn Park, Md  Fan Dorsey

0078        Jean Ramsey Brooklyn Park, Md  Fan Dorsey

0090        Tom Caravello Sr. Baltimore, Md

0091        Tom Caravello, Jr. Baltimore, Md

0092        Kim Caravello,     Baltimore, Md.

0093        Sam Caravello  Baltimore, Md/

0094        Tony Carrovello  Baltimore, Md

0095         Ed Rembold  Baltimore, Md

0096         Aaron Rembold  Baltimore, Md

0097         George Gastrock  Baltimore, Md

0098         Bill Festernman  Dillsburg, Pa   Driver Dorsey

0099         Janet Festerman Dillsburg, Pa   Bill's wife and no.1 fan

0100         Ken Festerman Baltimore, Md  Driver Dorsey

0101         Kathleen Festerman Baltimore, Md. Ken's wife and no. 1 fan

0110        Mike Heath  Hyattsville, Md  Beltsville Limited Sportsman Champion 1974

0111        Cheryl Garrett  Hyatsville, Md   Mike's number 1 fan

0112        Tim Light  Hagerstown, Md   Pit crew Hagerstown

0113         Greg Herbert Hagerstown, Md  Fan Hagerstown