Photo Gallery


The photos in the gallery are from my personal photo collection, several editions of "Man and Wheel" book published by Tri-State Speed press in the mid '70's, "Racing Round Up" printed in 1962 and "Stars and Cars" printed from 1965 thru1972. A few of the modified pictures were provided by Ralph Richards of Pittman, NJ. Ralph is a noted historian for Alcyon Speedway where the pictured Maryland drivers raced in the late 50's and won championships there. They beat such notable Jersey drivers as Bud Olsen, Al Tasnady, Parker Bohn and others.

The photos of the #88 cars  of Neil Haight and Ray Tilley are from tracks in Pennsylvania as the cars did not race in Maryland. However they were owned by the legendary Bud Grim of Baltimore. Other cars and drivers photos taken in Pennsylvania are of cars and drivers that did race at Dorsey from 1965 thru 1967 (Bud Folkenroth, Kenny Weld, Bobby Allen).
I apologize for some of the quality of the photos as the process I have to use for this website is somewhat cumbersome and can create difficulty in the transfer process.
As you see some of the photos are not identified. If you see an unidentified photo and wish to know who is in the photo just e-mail me at: and I will be happy to reply.