5/8 Mile Dirt Speedway located in Great Mills, Md. in St. Marys County. The track was built and owned by William Sanner.  The speedway was in operation from May, 1952 until 1958.

St. Marys (Marine) Speed

Feature Results

May 9, 1953

Glen Guthrie                                  Bob Smith
Bill Morgan                                   Elmo Langley
L. Johnson                                    Bill Prunier
Mac Hanbury                               Red Reaves
Glen Earl                                      Hoppin' Homer
Johnny Brawley                           Al Mattingly
Emery Johnson                            Bud Comer
Harry Walker                              Wes Morgan
J. Fernanley                                 Ray Byers
Pete Peters                                  Donnie Dove
Gene Marohl                               Nace Mattingly
Don Pettiplace

May 25, 1953

Bill Morgan                                Eddie Crouse
Bill Prunier                                 Glen Guthrie
Wes Morgan                             Hoppin' Homer
Bob Rusk                                  Nace Mattingly
Donie Dove                               Al Mattingly
Butch Peterson                          Maxie Guy
Elmo Langley                             Bill Farmer
Bones Mattingly                        Johnny Brawley
Gene Marohl                             Glen Earl

June 6, 1953

Bill Gross                                 Bill Morgan
Ray Byers                                Hoppin' Homer
Wes Morgan                           Bill Rusk
Duke Norris                            Butch Peterson
Gene Marohl                           Johnny Brawley
Nace Mattingly                        Ralph Sandy
Lee Hash                                 Glen Earl
Donnie Dove                           Lou Spears
Al Glaze                                  Al Middleton
Olin Futral                               Ray Barbour
Harry Walker                          Maxie Guy
Dick Fuchs

June 13, 1953

Ed Lindsey                              Reds Fowler
Bob Comer                             Bill Gross
Dick Fuchs                              Ray Barbour
Ray Byers                               Bill Prunier
Berine Williams                       Hoppin' Homer
Gene Marohl                           Bill Dove
Nace Mattingly                       Donnie Dove
Johnny Brawley                      Duke Norris
Ralph Sandy                           Pete Peters
Dean Pelton                            Bob Rusk
Wes Morgan

June 20, 1953

Edidie Crouse                        Glen Guthrie
Berine Williams                      Wes Morgan
Bill Prunier                              Johnny Meggers
Hank Smith                             Al Glaze
Nace Mattingly                       Al Mattingly
Gene Marohl                          Lester Cusic
Butch Peterson                       Johnny Brawle 
Emery Johnson                      Jack Mattingly
Donnie Dove                         Pete Peters
Bill Morgan

July 4, 1953

Ed Lindsey                             Berine Williams
Wes Morgan                          Reds Kagle
Bill Morgan                             Tom Kelly
Gene Marohl                          Donnie Dove
Maxie Guy                             Dean Pelton
Bill Gross                               Ralph Smith
Nace Mattingly                      Lester Cusic
Al Mattingly                          Bill Prunier
Glen Earl                                Ryland Brooks
Hank smith                             Elmo Langley
Ray Byers                              Butch Peterson
Joe Haas                                Reds Fowler

July 11, 1953

Tom Kelly                              Reds Kagle
Bill Prunier                              Berine Williams
Bill Morgan                             Dick Fuchs
Wes Morgan                           Butch Peterson
Donnie Dove                           Jack Mattingly
Gene Marohl                           Lester Cusic
Ray Byers                               Don Pettiplace
Joe Funk                                 Hoppin' Homer

July 18, 1953

Tom Kelly                              Bill Gross
Tom Casey                            Bill Morgan
Donnie Dove                          Berine Williams
Wes Morgan                         Glen Guthrie
Bill Prunier                             Elmo Langley
Smokey Wills                        Hoppin' Homer
Ray Byers                             Jake Jacobs              
Gene Marohl                         James Mattingly     
Nace Mattingly                      Walt Davis 
Reds Fowler                          Joe Funk

July 25, 1953

Berine Williams                      Donnie Dove
Wes Morgan                          Tom Kelly
Bill Prunier                             Bill Morgan
Hoppin' Homer                      Dick Fuchs
Ray Byers                              Emory Johnson
Tom Casey                             Jack Mattingly 
Lester Cusic                          Reds Fowler
Frank Lewis                          Glen Guthrie
Jim Mattingly                        Butch Peterson
Gene Marohl                        Johnny Brawly
Al Glaze

August 1, 1953

Reds Kagle                           Bill Morgan
Reds Fowler                         Glen Guthrie
Smokey Wills                        Donnie dove
Hoppin' Homer                     Bill Prunier
Dick Fuchs                           Bill Dove
Lee Hash                              Gene Marohl
R. Hackett                            Wes Morgan
Nace Mattingly                     Ray Lewis
Mac Hanbury                       Jack Mattingly

August 15, 1953

Glen Guthrie                        Bill Morgan
Bill Prunier                          Donnie Dove
Berine Williams                   Dick Fuchs
Wes Morgan                      Johnny Brawley
Butch Peterson                   Hoppin' Homer
James Mattingly                  Berine Garner
Lee Canline                        Smokey Wills
Lester Cusic                       Maxie Guy
Glen Earl                            Tom Kelly
Dennis Ruby                      Joe Funk
Dennis Benjanim

August  22, 1953

Glen Guthrie                       Tom Kelly
Wes Morgan                       Donnie Dove
Berine Williams                   Dick Fushs
Emory Johnson                   Bill Prunier
Gene Marohl                      Nace Mattingly    
Ray Byers                          Johnny Brawley
Lester Cusic                       Dale Hite
James Mattingly

August 29, 1953

Tom Kelly                          Wes Morgan
Bill Prunier                          Bill Morgan
Berine Williams                   Jim Shaw
Glen Guthrie                        Ryland Brookes
Bill Farmer                         Butch Peterson
Sam Hash                          Dale Hite
James Mattingly                  Lee Canline
Hoppin' Homer                   Johnny Brawley
Donnie Dove                      Don Deyo
Joe Funk                            Gene Marohl
Nace Mattingly                  Dick Fuchs

September 5, 1953

Rain Out

September 12, 1953

Rain Out

September 19, 1953

Glen Guthrie                        Eddie Crouse
Berine Williams                    Smokey Wills
Dick Fuchs                          Al Glaze
Bill Prunier                           Wes Morgan
Francis King                         Gene Marohl
Ray Byers                            Johnny Brawley
Lester Cusic                         Al Middleton
Butch Peterson                     Lee Canline
James Mattingly                   Joe Funk

Septemer 26, 1953

Glen Guthrie                         Berine wiliams
Eddie Crouse                       Donnie Dove
Hoppin' Homer                    Lou Spears
Bill Gross                             Dick Fuchs
Al Glaze                              Nace Mattingly
Butch Peterson                    Don Deyo
Buck Morgan                      Wes Morgan
Johnny Brawley                   Al Middleton
Dennis Ruby                        Sam Hash
Ray Byers                           Dennis Benjamin
Joe Funk

October 3, 1953

Glen Guthie                          Reds Fowler
Ray Byers                            Berine Willieams
Mac Hanbury                       Hoppin' Homer
Donnie Dove                        Bill Morgan
Dick Fuchs                           Ernest Norris
Ralph Sandy                         Gene Marohl
Sam Hash                             Wes Morgan
Joe Funk                              Butch Peterson
Johnny Brawley                    Dennis Ruby
Bob Cannon                        Eddie Crouse
Bill Dove

June 4, 1954

Mac Hanbury                        Bill Morgan
Al Mattingly                           Ray Barbour
Nace Mattingly                      Jim Mattingly
Bill Prunier                             Larry Angolia

July 31, 1954 Rain make up from previous week

Nace Mattingly                     Red Reaves
Gene Marohl                        Al Glaze
Al Mattingly                          Hoppin' Home
Peanuts Funk                        Bill Prunier
John Pilkerton                       Walter Davis
Joe Funk                               Olin Futral
Maxie Guy                            Wes Morgan
Glen Guthrie                          Sam Calvert
Ernest Norris

July 31, 1954

Tom Kelly                             Nace Mattingly
Al Mattingly                           Mike Davis
Bernie Williams                      Wes Morgan
Glen Guthrie                           Hoppin' Homer
Jim Mattingly                          John Pilkerton
Olin Futral                              Ray Byers
Bill Prunier                             Peanuts Funk
Gene Marohl

August 7, 1954

Glem Guthrie                         Ray Byers
Nace Mattingly                      Wes Morgan
Gene Marohl                          Hoppin' Homer
Bill Prunier                             Johnny Brawley
Maxie Guy                            Chas Henshaw
Bill Dove                              Peanuts Funk
Joe Funk                              Dou Auy
Lester Mattingly                    John Pilkerton
Ernest Norris-No Start
8 Sam Calvert                      Olin Futral
Walter Davis

September 11, 1954

Nace Mattingly                   Al Glaze
Bill Prunier                          Number 7
Al Mattingly                       Gene Marohl
Wes Morgan                      Butch Peterson
Ernest Norris

September 18, 1954

Nace Mattingly                  Al Mattingly
Red Mathews                    Ralph Sandy
Hoppin' Homer                  Sam Hash

May 5, 1955

Dewey Ryan                    Nace Mattingly
Bill Dove                         Mac Hanbury
Harvey Taylor                 Bill Morgan
Al Mattingly                    Johnny Brawley
Bill Prunier                      Ray Barbour
Jim Mattingly                  Bud Sealock
Harvey Taylor                Bob Wise
Cuz Hanbury                   Gene Marohl

June 18, 1955

Ray Barbour                  Lou Spears  
Al Mattingly                   Nace Mattiingly
Johnny Brawley              Sam Hash
Elmo Langley                 Jim Mattingly 
Gene Marohl                  Hoppin' Homer
'Bill Cook                      Maxie Guy
Bill Marks                     Cuz Hanbury
Mac Hanbury               Bill Prunier
Bill Morgan                  John Hull
Lester Cusick              Rusty Simpson   

July 2, 1955

Al Mattingly                 Nace Mattingly
Ray Barbour               Johnny Brawley
Gene Marohyl             Butch Peterson
Bud Sealock               Hoppin' Homer
Bill Prunier                  Cuz Hanbury
Dick Herman              Jim Mattingly
Dewaey Ryan             George Swanson
Mac Hanbury             Jim Hanbury
Bill Cook                   Bill Dove
Joe Blow 

June 9, 1956

Mac Hanbury               Nace Mattingly
Ray Barbour                Gene Marohl
Sam Hash                    Sam Calvert
Jim Hanbury                 Cuz Hanbury

May 25, 1957

Berine Williams                 Bob Ballentine
Gene Marohl                    Pete Peters
Ray Barbour                     Johnny Brawley
Bill Prunier                        Nace Mattingly
Sam Calvert                      Bill Dove
Leon Higgs                        Hoppin' Homer
'Chas Lydie                       Cuz Hanbury

May 30, 1957

Babby Ballentine                 Al Grinnan
Mac Hanbury                      Berine Williams
Pete Peters                         Cuz Hanbury
Bob Cannon                       Hoppin' Homer
Johnny Brawley                  Chas Lydie
Jim King                             Gene Marohl
Dale Smith                          Smokey Wills
Sam Calvert                        Bill Dove
Bob Jeffrey                         Calvin Wray
Jim Hanbury                        Lionel Johson
Dan Ferguson

June 15, 1957

Berine Williams                      Pelto Black
Dan Ferguson                        Denzel Dillman
Ray Barbour                          Ray Barbour
Johnny Brawley                     Smokey Wills
Sam Calvert                          Leon Higgs
Hoppin' Homer                     Bab Ballentine
Gene Marohl                        Jim Ross
Dewey Ryan                         Nace Mattingly

June 22, 1957

Berine Williams                      John Black
Dan Ferguson                        Denzil Dillman
Johnny Brawley                     Bill Prunier
Vic Lewis                              Jim Ross
Leon Higgs                            Gene Marohl
Pete Peters                            Sam Calvert            

They Raced at St. Marys;

Rusty Anderson                        Larry Angola              Bobby Ballentine-Dorsey, Md.  Ray Barbour                     Ted Barker
  D. Benjerman                         John Black                  Pelto Black                       Joe Blair                             Johnny Brawley
Ryland Brooks -Lex. Pk.            Ray Byers                   James Calvert-Lex. Pk    Lee Canine-Lex Pk.                       Bob Cannon
Tom Casey                                Bill Conner                  Bill Cook                           Ira Coombs                       Bob Cornwall
Johnny Cramblitt                        Eddie Crouse-Va.       Les Cusic                           Mike Davis                       Walter Davis
Don Deyo                                  Frank Dickenshuts       Denzil Dillman                    Popsie Dodd                     Bill Dove
Donnie Dove                              Otis Dowdy                 Glen Earl                           Bob Ellsworth                   Bill farrin
Danie Ferguson-Jessup, Md       Johnny Fernandez          J J Fernadley                    Earl Fleming                      Reds Fowler
Dick Fuchs                               Joe Funk                        Peanuts Funk                   Olin Futral                         Bernie Garner
Al Grinnan-Va.                         Wally Gore -Manassas, Va                    Al Glaze                          Mary Green                       Bill Gross
Glen Guthrie-Temple Hills, Md. Maxie Guy                     Joe Haas                         Ray Hackett                      Buddy Hampshire             
Cuz Hanbury                            Mac Hanbury                 Mack Handui                 Vernon Hardin             Duke Harlow\
Lee Hash                                 Sam Hash                      Carl Henderson              Ray Hendricks                  Chas Hensha
Dick Herman                            Leon Higgs                     Dale Hite -Lex Pk.                                                                   
Hoppen Homer-Lex. Pk., Md      John Hull                        Tommy Irwin
Al Jackson                                Jake Jacobs               Bob Jeffey                           John Jenkins
Emory Johnson                         Lionel Johnson           Rip Juey                               Reds Kagle-Lanham, Md
Hoss Kagle                               Tom Kelly                  Buck Kincheloe                    Francis King 
Jim King                                   Bill Knight                 Elmo Langley                         Frank Lewis
Ray Lewis                                Vic Lewis-Baltimore, Md                                        Ed Lindsey-Randlestown, Md.                            Bill Lone
Charles Lydie                           Rose Lynch               Bill Marks                             Gene Marohl-Lex. Pk, Md
Buck Mason                             Red Mathews            Al Mattingly-Leonardtown, Md.                          Jack Mattingly-Leonardtown, Md
James Mattingly-Leonardtown, Md    Nace Mattingly-Leonardtown, Md     Jim Mayor       Johnny Meggers                    Al Middleton
Bill Morgan                             Wes Morgan              Sam Nalley                           Fred Nalley
Dukie Norris                           Ernest Norris              Ruth Norris                         Richard Pegg-Lex. Pk., Md
Bernice Pegg                          Dean Pelton-Silver Spring, Md                               Pete Peters-Laurel, Md                         Butch Peterson
Don Pettiplace                        John Pilkerton             Tom Price                            Billl Prunier-Lex. Pk., Md
Red Reaves                            Dewey Redman          Jim Rhoades                         Dick Robinson
Jim Robinson                         Dennis Ruby               Bob Rusk                             Dewey Ryan
Ralph Sandy                           Bill Sanner- Lexington Pk., Md                                Leona Sanner-Lex. Pk, Md                      Bud Sealock
Jim Shaw                               Hal Sheppard              C. Shifleb                             Bill Shoup
Rusty Simpson                       Bill Smith                     Dale Smith                           Hank Smith
Ralph Smith-Aberdeen, Md     Kitty Spaulding           Tex Thompson
Sam Truitt                             Harry Walker               Preston Welsh                       Rex White-Silver Spring, Md
Bernie Williams-Silver Spring, Md                             Smokey Wills                       Dave White                                              Calvin Wray
Bill Wynkoop                         Emanuel Zervakis-Richmon, Va.